The company RAPARI born in the early 90s as a family-owned company that specializes in injection molding of technical articles in plastic material for different industries.

In 2003, thanks to the experience gained over the years, began experimenting with plastic caps expanded for oenological use, taking as a point of arrival to achieve two objectives:
    - The first objective was to achieve, a synthetic stopper similar to the cork in elasticity and extraction force, which ensures constant dimensions and weight.
    - The second objective, achieved through an intense research of materials and maximum optimization of production processes and business process, was to get a plug from high performance to present to the market at a very competitive price. After 3 years of research, thanks to continuous investment in the latest technology, we were able to achieve the goals that we set ourselves.

In 2006, the first sale of TAPPI RAPARI MADE FOR STILL WINES, achieving good sales results now, thanks to high quality products at very competitive prices.

In 2008, the company RAPARI expands its range with the introduction of CAPS MADE FOR SPARKLING WINES AND SPARKLING.

In 2009 he started the commercialization of synthetic corks Rapari for liquor, spirits, liqueurs, olive oil and vinegar.

To date, the company RAPARI continue in research to improve their products and to expand the catalog with new products to better serveits customers.



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