Synthetic Stopper head 20x10

Synthetic Stopper with head 20x10 , available in various sizes of stems and heads. Mushroom caps customized in various sizes, logo customization and personalization color. 

The various measures stems make that the stoppers are able to adapt to most of the bottles present on market. Synthetic Stoppers for the capping of spirits, liqueurs plugs, caps for vinegar, oil plugs.

As all caps Rapari single-mold injection, the synthetic Stoppers is to micro injection and ensures a controlled oscillation of the weight and size reduced. This means that there is a consistency of performance between lots.


Item Code  TM
Diameter  20
Height  10
Diameter 9 10 11 12 13 14 15                      
Height 14 14 16 15 16 16 16                      


                                                           PAD PRINTING ON TOP




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