The best cap cheapest on the market.

As all caps Rapari single-mold injection, the Eco is micro injection controlled and ensures a oscillation of the weight and dimensional reduced. This means that there is a uniformity of performance between lots. 

Recommended wines for a short period of stay in the bottle for 12 months.

Excellent in bottling lines at high speeds.

High constancy in the extraction force ensures easy removal from the neck of the bottle.

Customize with hot stamping logo.

Available in different diameters and lengths.

Item Code  FE
Diameter 22 22,5 23 23,5 22  22,5  23  22,5                     
Height 38 38 38 38  42  42  42  44                    

                                                                                                                                                              COLOUR CUSTOMIZED                                HOT PRINTING


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